Party Hire



The most important factor to take into consideration when making the decision to install a slushie  machine, is the actual quality of the machine. When installing a machine in a high customer volume site it is important to know that it is both fast and efficient in its operation. The time period in which drinks are being served in some outlets is very small compared to other outlets. We take pride in the fact that our machines are the GBG brand, which is widely recognised in the Commercial Food Equipment Industry as being the best in granita equipment.


Some of our machine features are listed below:

    • Easy clean taps with lockable top.
    • 12 litre poly carbonate bowls
    • Extra large condenser
    • Larger refrigeration compressor
    • Powerful fan
    • 35% faster recycling than conventional machines
    • Individual lighting tops
    • Individual refrigerate or freeze switching for each bowl.
    • Plus numerous other features
    • 240 volt power only


Party Hire

Make your next party the best celebration ever –

      • 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthday parties
      • Kids parties
      • Weddings
      • Engagement Parties
      • Christmas and New Year celebrations
      • Any celebration


Your Party Package Includes

      • Delivery of machine and set up of machine
      • 120 drinks (cocktail or slushies)
      • We also collect and clean the machine
      • Supply of cups & straws if required